The Online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is developed and delivered by the Graduate School of Management, Abidjan and supported by Idea2Market Innovations, Ghana. The Graduate School of Management provides high quality and relevant MBA programs with specializations in General Management, Project Management and International Business. This, coupled with the technological and content experience of Idea2Market in the development and distribution of online academic programs, provides the best learning experience and outcomes for our students. The MBA Program has been designed to increase the ability and readiness of the student to face and manage the changes in the working environment. The MBA degree will increase their opportunities in applying for more challenging positions and give skills and knowledge for becoming an entrepreneur or managing innovation and change in organizations.


The general objectives of the master level studies in Graduate School of Management correspond to the demand of higher skills and expertise in business life. The aim of the program, based on the requirements proposed by development of the work life, is to equip the student with an adequate knowledge and skills to be able to work in management, development and other specialist tasks in business.  In addition to cutting edge knowledge, the program is designed to equip students with the capabilities enables them to develop creatively, collaborate effectively, think innovatively, act responsibly, communicate effectively and gain mastery of leadership and business management. The programs are specially developed for and delivered by distance and eLearning methods using state-of the art technologies and learning tools.

Our MBA programs are designed to offer the most up-to-date and practical knowledge in Human Resource Management, Project Management, Marketing and Sales Management, Finance, Procurement and Supply Chain Management and International Business. These six areas of specialization are tailor-made to individual needs of our students and markets. Through personalized and adaptive learning methods, students can plan their own studies to fit their needs and resources.  The program combines studies and research to provide in-depth knowledge in the different concentration areas. 


MBA in Human Resource Management

The objective of this program is to provide students in full time employment with the practically oriented knowledge and skills required to successfully accomplish human resource management tasks.  Human capital is a crucial resource in any organization and determines organizational success.  The management and specialist positions in small and medium sized companies as well as large corporations operating in an environment of fierce competition are demanding more and more specialised skills. The program provides learners with the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge in human resource management and to effectively manage people in organizations. The program offers graduates competences in key areas of human resource management including organisational, analytical and critical thinking, communication, relationship building, negotiation, leadership, creativity and problem-solving competences. 

MBA in International Business

A growing number of African firms are internationalizing their operations in Africa and beyond due to the deepening integration of Africa into the global trade and investment system. At the same time foreign firms are increasingly investing and operating in Africa and taking advantage of its growth opportunities. Africa is the last frontier of international expansion for most international firms. Within the African context, the recently signed Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCTA) creates a further momentum for intra-African trade and investments. All these factors combined create immense opportunities for employees with skills and competences in managing international business operations. The MBA in International Business is a equips the students with deep knowledge and training for the all needed basic knowledge of International Business.  Graduates of the program will also be equipped with skills to take up an array of specialist international business and technical positions in internationalizing firms.  Graduates of this program will gain analytical, international expansion, cross-cultural, communication, networking and collaboration, innovation and negotiation competences.

MBA in Project Management

Projects comprise a significant and critical part of corporate strategies around the world, incorporating disparate disciplines, technologies and skills. To address problems associated with project management, managers need to be better educated and trained to facilitate the projects to deadline and budget. As a result, project management has experienced phenomenal growth on a global scale.  The ability to manage projects is an essential skill, which major employers expect their senior and middle managers to possess. The MBA program with specialization in project management helps students develop the ability to solve real-world management problems, and to exercise sound management judgment through practical application of project management concepts and skills. Graduates in the program will be able for apply knowledge and tools gained in the program to successfully plan, implement, monitor and control as well as evaluate projects.

MBA in Marketing and Sales Management

The MBA in Marketing and Sales Management program provides students with skills and competences to master the growing challenges of marketing and sales in an ever-increasing competitive business environment. The nature of competition, the level of sophistication of consumers and the prominence of information and communication in a globalized world requires modifying the approach to marketing and sales. The program covers various aspects of planning, product development and offering, market development and managing the intricate relationship with customers and partners. It provides expert knowledge needed by both aspiring managers in organizations or entrepreneurs who want to enhance their marketing and sales competence to promote their businesses. 

MBA in Finance

The MBA in Finance provides students with a solid grounding in decision-making techniques and enables them to ensure the financial health of their organizations in the competitive global market. The focus of the program is on traditional decision-making techniques in the areas of capital budgeting, capital structure, investment management, international financial management, corporate risk management and short-term capital management. By combining theoretical knowledge of finance with extensive hands-on learning and using real-life case studies, students develop the ability be effective and exceptionally competent managers in any organization.  Graduates of the program can find opportunities in senior management positions in the financial world. 

MBA in Procurement and Supply Chain

This MBA specialization is a comprehensive program designed for the procurement and supply chain professionals who are looking for a great career in procurement cycle management, logistic and supply industry. It provides structured and hands on approach to the development of leadership and management competences in procurement and supply chain. It includes a mastery of purchasing, the bidding process, negotiation and contract issues in procurement as well as the proper planning of purchasing and logistics. Graduates of this program will be able to integrate procurement and supply chain strategies into the corporate strategy process.